turning point eden

I semi recently shot with a model named Eden.

We met at work.

I suspected she was a model, but I didn't approach her until I heard it from the horse's mouth.

We hit it off pretty well.
We kinda both hated our jobs and were both dealing with relationship grief.

At the time, I was getting pretty frustrated with some client work and photography in general.
- "Friends wanting free work."
- Under-budget/over-asking.
- Friend's siblings.

And I'd grown pretty fucking tired of shooting headshots.

So we just kinda brainstormed one day, and our plan ended up being "no-plan."

We ended up in Topanga, she was my tour guide to the area.

I was pretty delighted:
    1. Just to be out of the house. Not sitting in front of a screen, editing.
    2. Not being able to hear the sound of traffic.
    3. Shooting for "fun."

We ended up with some fairly bodacious photos.

I was mostly just fucking thrilled to work outside the technical rudiments of headshots.

It was nice to just "fuck around and find shit out," again.

This is when I decided I was just going to shoot what I want, with who I want when it comes to "my photography."

Oh, and I plan on at least doing some cool projects with Eden, if not have her on a permanent part of the team.
She's like super creative, and we just jive well.
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