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hello there,
i turned 36 three days ago. maybe this is my mid-life crisis.
anyways, i'm writing to resign my position as a person who "gives a fuck." effective immediately.

in light of:
- current world events,
- political affairs,
- consistent environmental decline,
- economic recession,
- and personal mental health...

... i've decided to take a break and:
- focus on the things that i matter, to me,
- and to spend time with the people most important, to me.

as of now, i'm only taking on projects/gigs/jobs with at least one of the guidelines listed below:
- [it] pays well.
- [it's] fun/creative.
- [it's] with people i like.
- [it's] imbued with "fuck-yeah" energy.
- [it] will lead to any of the above (subject to approval).

while i do only have two years of experience, i prefer the literal "shoveling of horseshit" over the symbolic.

not yours, not anyone's, no affiliations,

- okpebbs


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