Hello everyone,
I’ve been wanting to make a pet calendar, since, basically forever. Not specifically a pet calendar but any calendar. I also want to do a fun one with chefs/cooks, hell, and even dishwashers, but that’s beside the point.

I’ve been a photographer for about 5 years now, and viewing/working with people as “clients” can get a bit tiresome. I find working with animals to be rewarding and fun. And to be honest I’ve never wanted to be a “professional” anything really, let alone a “professional photographer,” whatever that means.

I like the idea of raffles and discounts because, in my head, it gets people interested in photography who otherwise wouldn’t be.

So all in all you’d be winning.

  • 12x Themed Photoshoots (1-hour max)
  • 12x 16×20 Prints

> So that’s a grand prize worth: $5,760!
Starting at only $11!

(That isn't including set design which is probably going to be, a lot.)

Also if you enter, you’ll get a discount code (sliding, based on how much you enter) for any future bookings. Once a winner is chosen I’ll start working on set designs and send out invitations to all entrants for an opportunity to shoot on that set.

So any money you put down = a percentage of what you will get off future shoots.

$11 = 11%

Here are some samples of my work, not calendar themed though.

[These are galleries, click to open.]

PINK-PAPER – okpebbs
BLACK-PAPER – okpebbs
  • Shooting will start in October 2022. Starting with Halloween.
  • Discounts above 55% are not eligible on products over $500.
  • Winner will be chosen at random. – Not weighted by money down or follow counts.
  • Entries are capped at 220.
  • Submissions closed: 2022-08-18
  • Prize not cash redeemable for cash.


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